Officially started Clomid / Mammogram

I went in yesterday for my Day 3 Antral Follicle Count and I had 17!  11 on my right and 6 on my left!  My left has doubled its count since surgery!!!

I officially took my first 100mg dose of Clomid last night!

I go back in November 4th to have another ultrasound and to see how I responded to the Clomid, so prayers please!

I went in my my annual womens exam and the doctor is sending me to get a mammogram, the lab order says diagnostic for fibrocystic breasts.  I am so scared now and the soonest I could get a mammogram is this Monday.  The timing is terrible I am in the middle of the IUI cycle. Did I mention I just turned 27?

Prayers are greatly appreciated.




First IUI!

I am 4 weeks post surgery and currently on CD 2.  While the surgeon wanted me to try on my own for 6-9 months I just don’t see the point in waiting when my endo can come back at any time so here goes nothing!  I got into the right weight for an IUI by eating 1460 calories a day!  I call it the starvation diet and fat camp but it’s working!  The fertility clinic weighs me every time so I make sure to not eat or drink prior and to pee a couple times before!!!! Hey when in desperate times you will do what you gotta do, am I right?

Tomorrow I go in for Day 3 ultrasound and blood work.  I got all my meds in the mail, I will be taking 100mg clomid, progesterone suppositories, and then an Ovidrel Trigger shot.  The pharmacy warned me not to let the Ovidrel freeze or it becomes invalid and even though I had it in the fridge door it of course froze!  So thankfully the manufacturer is giving me a one time free trigger shot to replace this one.  It turns out my fridge is set to 34 but the shot has to be stored between 36-36 degrees Fahrenheit.  The lady on the phone said normally the husbands were the one to accidentally freeze the medicine 😦  They also said if I would have accidentally froze Gonal it would have been $1,000.00 to replace and the Ovidrel is only $99.50!

This first period after surgery is definitely heavier and longer, but this coming from a girl who is used to a 3 day cycle that is light.  It’s not so heavy I need like heavy pads or anything just different.  My incision sites are continuing to heal and feel ok.  I use having a few sharp pains in the left ovary that he opened but I’m chalking that up to it closing back up again because I haven’t had any since.

I am also looking into therapy to deal with my infertility and binge eating.  I need to get things under control with my health and what I’m eating has everything to do with it! I had my physical and the blood work came back great expect my LDL is 163 – Stroke level! I am 27!!! So I am definitely freaked out, I guess my youth can only carry me so far.

So along with the IUI I am juggling being a mom to an almost 5 year old, a dog mom to a 13 week old puppy who is worse than a child and a wife and don’t forget I work outside the home full-time!  God is definitely guiding me through all of this and I look to him everyday.  I call my commute to and from work my time with Jesus as I listen to the local contemporary Christian channel.  And as you can imagine DC traffic is terrible so this helps keep me in a good place as well.  I have been nervous that the IUI can lead to twins but I know God has a plan for us and if that is his plan than I cannot wait and we are very excited for whatever may become.

I leave you with an updated picture of Sammy!  I will post later after my scan tomorrow 🙂 Prayers are always welcome!

Surgery and Sammy!

Time sure flies when you have surgery and get a puppy!

I had my laparoscopic surgery on 9/28/2016 while I wanted to run I somehow managed to go through with it!  I really didn’t think I had endometriosis but I do, he said it was mild but there, it was on my ovary and on a fallopian tube and round ligaments.  He cleaned everything up and my insides are like new!  He told us to try on our own for 6-9 and if still no baby then we need to go back to the fertility doctor.  I think we may just give it 2-3 months.  I just think its so weird that I don’t have pain like other endo sufferers, but that is a huge blessing that I don’t.  A bonus is I am down 14 pounds since surgery!


We picked up Sammy on 10/8/2016, he is a 11 week old Golden Retriever.  He is a Half American/Half English Golden so he will be lighter in color, he is super cute and soft!  I call Sammy my infertility therapy dog.  He is worse than a newborn and is helping me accept and see the grass isn’t greener on the other side in regards to raising more children.  Having him is helping me appreciate my one and only alot more!  My mornings are now twice as stressful dealing with two!