Birth of the Twins!

As much as I wanted to keep up with the blog as a part of my pregnancy and something to look back on life got busy and I got super tired from working and being pregnant and a mother and a wife so naturally this fell to the sidelines.  I had the twins at 37w 4d as hard as I tried to have a vaginal birth like I did with Kaylee Matthew had other plans and had a cord prolapse causing me to have an emergency c-section.  The doctor was awesome though after being essentially fisted and feeling everything he was only 70% sure everything was fixed and ok so we waited 20 minutes but its so hard to track both babies on the monitor and his heart rate dropped some so he said it was time.  I didn’t even say anything just asked the anesthesiologist for a ton of meds! I had to be sure I wouldn’t feel anything! It stills seems strange to be awake for this kind of procedure, I was in and out of sleep during the procedure but I heard the boys cry when they were pulled out and after that pretty blurry.  I will say the c-section recovery is horrible and the pain is terrible.  I have never experienced pain like the pain I had when trying to stand for the first time – HORRIBLE.

God has blessed us for sure as both boys were born healthy and needed no NICU time, well Zachary had blood sugar issues so they took him for a few hours. We got to go home on Day 3 which was nice as I know Kaylee missed us and so did Sammy.

Having twins has been a crazy whirlwind we spend most days in survival mode.  The twins are just about 7 months so we have a semi-routine which has helped.  But goodness twins are a whole different beast.