20w 3D

These past few weeks have been good, I am definitely getting bigger and carrying much higher than I did with my daughter.

Today was our anatomy scan and the twins look great I am very grateful for that.  They are in fact both BOYS! Twin A was 14oz and Twin B is 13oz as of right now they are both head down but I’m sure that will change as they still have a touch of room to move around.

My goal is 38 weeks no matter how uncomfortable I am as long as they are healthy I want them to be ok.  My next scan is for the fetal echo cardiogram which is in 3 weeks, since I am considered high risk with twins and I weighed over a certain weight becoming pregnant I have to have this done.  They basically spend an hour looking at their hearts in depth. After this I’m not sure how frequently I will be going I feel like they said every two weeks but I can’t be sure.

I think I’m going to social media announce the gender tonight but we had a snow today so I’ll have to see if hubby will go out and get two blue balloons!