I got my Harmony results back and genetic testing results back.  Out of 250 genetic things I was tested for I came back positive for one, it’s not one I’ve ever heard of and is very rare.

Type I Polyglandular Autoimmune Syndrome is the name, my husband went and gave blood yesterday to see if he happens to be a carrier as well.

The Harmony test came back low risk so that was great! And drumroll… Twin A at my last ultrasound was clearly a girl but Twin B had something there but we couldn’t be sure since it is so early, well Twin B is a Boy! I had the Y chromosome in my blood so that cleared up that mystery! I’m still shocked my husband made a boy 😉

I had my NT scan at 11w6d and all looked well I also did more genetic testing that required a finger prick and 5 drops of blood.

I get up every two hours at night to pee and I change sides alot so quality sleep hasn’t been happening.  I haven’t been feeling the best but hoping this passes soon.

Sammy is now 6 months!!!!  He is what I would refer to as having triplets, he cries like a child if he doesn’t get his way or scraps. He is over 50 pounds now so he has come a long way since that little 11 week old puppy we brought home.




I haven’t updated in a while and I wanted to throw some mixed ramblings out there.

I am now 10w3d, they are fraternal di/di twins which is the lowest risk twins so that is a huge plus, I am getting the Harmony test done Friday even though I am not in the targeted age range the specialist kept saying at least you didn’t do IVF and I finally asked why and he said some of the medications can cause birth defects so even though I only took clomid and a shot of ovidrel I would like to be sure they are ok.

I want to say I am still adjusting to being pregnant with twins I truly didn’t think this would happen to me while exciting it’s very scary not knowing if one will pass or how early they will come and the risk to my health this is VERY serious.  Anyone who goes in wanting twins should really step back and think it about it’s a HUGE risk to everyone involved.  I’m excited just scared.

No matter what happens I can safely say I will never take Clomid again, multiples are no joke and now that I have seen the other side I can safely say this.  I would do an IUI with monitoring and a trigger shot but that is it.

Infertility is a crazy beast and is hard to deal with I feel very blessed to be pregnant and growing these two lives I just pray they stay in until 38 weeks and are healthy.  My only goal now is for them to grow as long as possible.

I will be tested for gestational diabetes twice since twins hold a higher risk of me getting this and I will get a fetal echo cardio at 22 weeks since I am plus size.  I will also have my cervix checked twice in case a cerclage is needed.

I see my regular OBGYN and a Maternal Fetal Specialist about every 3 weeks as of right now.  This is much different than a singleton.  I also have been interviewing doctors trying to somehow still get an attempt at a vaginal birth as a c-section terrifies me.  I have a 50% chance of a c-section twins.  They both have to be head down.  I had a great vaginal birth with my daughter and felt amazing after birth.  This is terrifying knowing I will most likely need a major surgery and then somehow help take care of these babies after birth.

I will post again when I get the Harmony results back I can’t wait to find out if I have Y Chromosome inside!!