Surgery and Sammy!

Time sure flies when you have surgery and get a puppy!

I had my laparoscopic surgery on 9/28/2016 while I wanted to run I somehow managed to go through with it!  I really didn’t think I had endometriosis but I do, he said it was mild but there, it was on my ovary and on a fallopian tube and round ligaments.  He cleaned everything up and my insides are like new!  He told us to try on our own for 6-9 and if still no baby then we need to go back to the fertility doctor.  I think we may just give it 2-3 months.  I just think its so weird that I don’t have pain like other endo sufferers, but that is a huge blessing that I don’t.  A bonus is I am down 14 pounds since surgery!


We picked up Sammy on 10/8/2016, he is a 11 week old Golden Retriever.  He is a Half American/Half English Golden so he will be lighter in color, he is super cute and soft!  I call Sammy my infertility therapy dog.  He is worse than a newborn and is helping me accept and see the grass isn’t greener on the other side in regards to raising more children.  Having him is helping me appreciate my one and only alot more!  My mornings are now twice as stressful dealing with two!



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