December 2011 – Gave birth to Kaylee after TTC for 15 months (Conceived on our own without treatment)

September 2014 – Decide to start trying for a second child

January 2016 – Consultation at Shady Grove Fertility

February 2016 – HSG – Both tubes are open uterus looks great

March 2016 – MRI to determine if 4cm cyst inside left ovary is an endometrioma, it is, doctor wants to do IUI but I need to loose 10 pounds to get within BMI range.

July 2016 – Meet with GYN Surgeon Dr. Paul Mackoul to remove endometrioma and other simple cysts as well as explore for endometriosis.

September 2016 – Laparoscopic surgery to remove mild endo and a dermoid cysts and a few other simple cysts.  Bladder was also examined while in surgery.  Surgeon wants me to try on my own for 6-9 months but we decided to jump into IUI.

October 2016 – Lost 21 pounds now qualify for IUI begin taking clomid 100mg cd 3-7.

November 2016 – IUI #1 CD 12 ultrasound showed one mature 20mm follicle and a 15mm follicle lining was 11mm.  Bloodwork showed my LH as super elevated my body was starting to ovulate on my own.  I used my trigger shot Ovidrel that afternoon.  We had our IUI the next morning.

11/21/2016 – Confirmed Pregnant

12/5/2016 – Found out we were having TWINS!

7/12/2017 – Twins were born at 37w 4d after being induced, made it to 7cm before Twin A had a cord prolapse resulting in an emergency C-section. Twin A was 6lbs 11oz and Twin b was 7lbs 1oz both boys healthy huge blessing!