We owe this all to God, I am still surprised the IUI worked and we are praying that this baby is healthy and we do not have a loss.

I had my first beta on Monday and it was 730 and I go back tomorrow for another and then again on Friday.  I pray these number keep rising, this baby is such a blessing and we are very excited.  I have told people about my infertility journey and they all knew when I would find out if I was pregnant I’m now wondering if I should have kept this all to myself in case of loss but I always told myself I would be open and if something did happen I know I would need everyone support to work through it.

I pick my sister up for a 48 hour pass on the 24th which is her birthday, she will be 17.  She has been with the state since she was 14 for burning down my mother’s house so this is the first time she has overnighted with family, my mother works retail so she won’t be able to see her and my father lives further away.  I’m hoping for a good visit.

Sammy is growing like crazy in the past month he has gained 10 pounds he is now 35 pounds! They predict he will be an 80 pound dog!

Kaylee’s 5th birthday is coming up in a few weeks so I need to clean my house for her party! I can’t believe she will be 5!  I always wanted her to be closer in age to a sibling after seeing the huge age gap in my sister and myself (10 years) but Gods timing is perfect and if you would told me over two years ago when we began trying for a sibling I would not have seen it that or when we were trying to have Kaylee how long would it take but when I look back I think about how perfect Gods timing really is.  I find myself trying to think about sharing my love with another child now and I get kind of weepy Kaylee is my one and only and that will always have such a special bond.


I’m guessing I’m pregnant!

It’s funny how I forgot how sick I felt when I was pregnant.  My husband is guessing it’s twins because of how sick I’ve gotten this time.  That 15mm follicle could have matured to size with the trigger but it only had less than 24 hours so maybe not, but I am getting nervous.  How will I carry two?  Twins are a high risk for a c-section which I am terrified. But I know this is all God’s plan not mine and he will see me through whatever may happen.  My husband refused to accept my positive until the blood draw this coming Monday but goodness between the darkening tests and how sick I’ve been there is no denying.  We can’t wait to hear the beta numbers on Monday 🙂

This still feels surreal after over two years of trying not one positive test we are very excited.  I had a little brown discharge yesterday but I’m hoping that was from implantation.

This is my pregnancy test shrine in my bathroom, yes I know I have a small problem, I take 2 a day.  My husband cleared out the $0.88 tests at walmart this week!!! I couldn’t get it to rotate follow from the bottom left to the top right!


Please keep praying for us and I will post Monday about the beta.

Pee Sticks are future plans

Of course I can’t control myself and want to test twice a day once in the morning and once at night, it keeps me calm.  My husband cannot stand this and refuses to believe anything until the beta draw on Monday he has even hidden my wondfo’s at one point but don’t worry I quickly got those back!

The first two sets are 11days past the Ovidrel Trigger Shot, The last set is from this morning, it looks like its getting more positive and I know synthetic trigger cannot get darker only light so it has given me hope!



My fertility doctor was booked solid so he called to speak with me on the phone and I talked about my concerns and we hashed everything out, he said for me to loose the 20 pounds and try IVF if this does not work since it has better odds and my insurance 100% covers it unlike IUI that is 100% out of my own pocket and a low tech treatment.  He was more than willing to more IUI’s but that was up to me.  I asked him to sweeten the deal as an incentive if you will to loose the weight – I know this sounds bad.  I asked if he would do gender selection and he didn’t say no but not yes either! I know he is against it, he even went on the news and spoke about how he was against it, but oh my a chance at a son!!!  Don’t worry I would have him pick best quality embryo but oh my what a thought!

Please keep praying for us I pray this worked and we will have a healthy baby.

2WW is the WORST!

The planner in me has to have a plan of action in case this IUI doesn’t work, which I don’t feel any different and what I do feel is just side effects from the progesterone suppositories.

So I began e-mailing the RE again asking for injectables because at 27 with good eggs and a clean inside I would have expected 2 or more mature eggs to come from this cycle not just the one.  The nurse says the doctor has changed my medicine around for the next one, 100mg Clomid days 3-7 and then one Gonal F 75 shot. THAT’S IT??!!  I do not pay $1600/cycle for this guesswork.  I e-mailed this response back:

Thank you for getting back to me, if the blood test is negative on 11/21 I will need to meet with Dr. Khan face to face and talk.  Being that this is costing me $1600 each cycle I want more than just one day of lose dose injection.  I also am willing to pay for an extra ultrasound to check on the follicle growth.  I also want to talk about the IUI itself, I would expect to see a more timed IUI where my husband has a two day hold placed inside me.  We’ve been trying for over two years and intercourse hasn’t worked for us so I would prefer a larger volume placed inside via IUI.

I am not handing over another $1600 until we come up with something better, if my insurance was paying for this I would totally be his guinea pig but this is not the case, this wouldn’t be so burdensome if we didn’t have daycare to pay for which is 1300/month!  Our clinic just released their 2015 statistics and they were super impressive with IVF I will have over a 50% shot at getting pregnant off a single embryo transfer! And my insurance 100% covers IVF!! My weight loss goal is becoming even clearer to me now I hope to be at weight by January 2017!!

I started testing at 7dpiui and I of course still have the hormone in me even now on day 9 I do but it was hard not to do it so I have myself taking one a day to put myself at ease. I’m hoping 12dpiui will give me a more clearer picture as the lines are getting pretty faint.


Sammy is now 16 weeks!! We took a small hike down to the river and he went right on in!


I also just finished knitting this deliciousness! The gap-tastic cowl!


Don’t forget it’s that time of year for Operation Christmas Child Operation Christmas Child. Please consider filling a box or two, it would mean everything for the child who receives it.  If only we could figure out how to fit the baby and soccer ball in ours!!!



IUI #1 in the Books!

I went in Friday CD 12 to measure how large my follicles were, I was really hoping my left ovary would produce one but she didn’t, she must still be angry about being torn open from the surgery!  My right had one good one at almost 21mm and I had another but I doubt that came to the party at 15mm.  My lining was 11m which they were happy with.  I was told to wait for a call after they had my blood results to see if I could trigger but it was looking like I could and I would have a Sunday morning IUI.  Well I told them to scan me sooner than CD 12 because I know my body ovulates every month on its own.  Well my LH was so high over 40 they told me to trigger and come in Saturday morning for the IUI or I would miss my window since my body was starting to ovulate on its own, surprise right.

I don’t understand IUI they had my husband and I BD that friday night and then come in Saturday morning for the IUI but that was not enough time to have a great sample, we had 9.9 million inserted in me which is good they said anything over 5 million is good but still I was thinking we would have at least a 2 day hold.

The IUI itself was painless but I did have some terrible cramping about 4 hours later and had to lay down for nap and take some Tylenol.  The trigger shot also didn’t hurt!! But when I seen that needle I was like hmm I don’t think I can do this but when you want something bad enough you make it happen!

My goal is to loose enough weight by January to do IVF,  since IVF has greater success and my insurance fully covers it that is my next goal. $1600 every month for an IUI isn’t in the cards for us but I may try 1 or 2 more while we wait. I pray this works we would love to have another child.

Please continue to pray for us and I will post back on 11/21 with my bloodwork results!  It’s going to be super hard not to test at home!

Mammogram Results

I couldn’t wait so I left work early and got my mammogram and breast ultrasound done at the hospital.  While it wasn’t pleasant at least its only 7 second intervals of holding and pressure.

My results came back fine and I was cleared back to my fertility doctor!! I can’t tell you how much I have been praying lately.

I am anxious about my follicle measuring on Friday I am kinda scared since I ovulate on my own every month that I will ovulate before I give myself the trigger.  I am fresh out of OPK’s and I told myself I wouldn’t buy any because this was supposed to give me a break from having to do the guesswork!

Stay tuned for my follicle results tomorrow! 🙂