Another Ultrasound

I can’t count how many ultrasounds I’ve had to monitor my cysts, but I like to call myself a frequent flyer.  I don’t worry about having a full bladder because I know they will just tell me to empty when I get in the room.  I ask for the larger size robe and room number and I meet them there verses waiting for them to escort me.  Today’s findings were no different than other times all 4 of my cyst friends are still inside of me one have grown slightly.  I am so guilty of going in around peak fertility time to see if I actually ovulated and this morning my friends was CD 12 so yes today I was guilty, oh well at least I’ve already met my deductible 🙂  On the plus side I weighed myself yesterday and I am now in weight to receive IUI treatment so maybe a November IUI ?!

For some reason the Clearblue did not peak for me and I ran out of sticks so I’m relying solely on the Wondfo, which have appeared to peak but the Clearblue was still flashing, this doesn’t happen very often for me so I am perplexed.


For the past year I’ve had terrible under arm odor and I have been traumatized to wear deodorant with aluminium in it after my incident earlier this year.  Earlier this year I had a cyst in my armpit that a plastic surgeon had to remove in office leaving me with a drain tube in my armpit for a week! It was very traumatic 😦  In preparation for my surgery I went and brought some Hibiclens Soap to see if it could help my underarm dilemma, surprisingly after a whole day of forgetting to put on my Tom’s deodorant it was able to take away the smell, normal soap does not take away the smell.  I’m going to leave it on for the full three minutes and see if it has a longer lasting affect!

My goal is to finish my Camden Cape by Seamwork for this fall!  This is a great beginners pattern and has been fun working through:)


My birthday was fabulous! Kaylee is so sweet she had been stressing about my birthday for the past week there were so many things she wanted to do for me she wanted to get me flowers and make me a cake and she also made me a spaghetti dinner! All with the help of grandma of course but she did most of it! Grandma even took her to the store to get my flowers!  She is my sweet girl I couldn’t imagine life without her, she will always be enough for me.  Sometime when I’m testing with OPK’s she catches me in the action so I’ve had to explain to her why I use them and what they are for and just this weekend she seem the sticks and said “mommy, someday if it’s hard for me to have a baby I will use the sticks too” my heart melted! I know how badly she has wanted a sibling for the past few years but I also treasure the time where it has just been the two of us, she will always be my baby.

My new bible which was my birthday present:)

Inspire Bible NLT: The Bible for Creative Journaling




Monday I will be 27! Yikes time really does fly, while my age is considered young in the infertile world I feel like I’m an old soul.  Between working full time and being a mom and a wife I find I’m torn in a million different directions.  When I leave for work in the morning I see the stay at home moms putting their older kids on the school bus then taking a walk around the lake with their younger kids and I can’t help but to feel a little jealous.  I know the grass isn’t always greener on the other side but goodness I could use that walk to loose some weight and how great would it be to actually cook my meals instead of hitting the Chick-Fil-A drive thru for lunch every day?  But I digress – today is a wonderful day and I am blessed to be here to see another year, blessed to have found a husband that loves me no matter what through all my crazy antics and trust me he has gone along with some of my crazy shenanigans! Blessed to have a wonderful little girl whom at one point I never thought I would ever have.  It’s the moments like this in the secondary infertility world that make me feel selfish – at least I have one – I hear this SO much and trust me I feel incredibly blessed to have her, I just want more! 🙂

Kaylee started a Junior-K program this year to prepare her for Kindergarten next year.  If they choose not to sleep we are allowed to send in a “quiet bag” for them to color while they rest for 30min – 1 hour, this is a little something I whipped up with scrap fabric!

I used the following tutorial: Super Easy Library Bag Tutorial

These are some bags I made using the tutorial for Kaylee’s preschool friends:

Since this is the last cycle before my surgery I decided to use OPK’s and pray for the best!  I guess in my mind it’s a last ditch effort to avoid surgery!  I like to use Wondfo Sticks in conjunction with Clearblue Advanced Digital sticks they really compliment each other well.  Along with this we use PreSeed Lubricant.  I’ve been considering asking the surgeon this there is anything he can do to help with my anteverted uterus and if that could help but I’ve watched the YouTube videos and I’m not sure I want a mesh sewed into me, something about having a foreign object in my body doesn’t sit well.

CD 8:   This is not a peak day the Clearblue is flashing and the Wondo is not positive, gotta love 26 day cycles.  I should peak within the next 3-4 days.img_5131

This weekend also begins a six-week bible study, we will be going through In the Wait!  I’m super excited about this because infertility or not we all go through seasons of waiting and waiting is not something any of us does well!  It also is coming at such a great time with my surgery being around the corner!

Check it out:  In the Wait

I will leave you all with this that was shared with me from a friend!