Time Heals

I began my second journey in August/September, I was hopeful that I would have no issues and it would just happen but something told me it wouldn’t, that something is so right!

While I haven’t been at it long I’m already frustrated and giving up.  This has got to be one the hardest most trying thing I have been through.  At first I was angry after a few months went by with nothing now I just feel so lost.

The first time it was just myself and my husband that were disappointed now my daughter is asking for a sister and it is so painful to know that it might take a long time or not happen at all.

I love hearing when people say “well at least you have one” gosh that one is one of the top lines I love to hear, my response to them is it will hurt just as bad the second time!

I have taken a break from all the OPK’s and testing to gather myself mentally.