I got my Harmony results back and genetic testing results back.  Out of 250 genetic things I was tested for I came back positive for one, it’s not one I’ve ever heard of and is very rare.

Type I Polyglandular Autoimmune Syndrome is the name, my husband went and gave blood yesterday to see if he happens to be a carrier as well.

The Harmony test came back low risk so that was great! And drumroll… Twin A at my last ultrasound was clearly a girl but Twin B had something there but we couldn’t be sure since it is so early, well Twin B is a Boy! I had the Y chromosome in my blood so that cleared up that mystery! I’m still shocked my husband made a boy 😉

I had my NT scan at 11w6d and all looked well I also did more genetic testing that required a finger prick and 5 drops of blood.

I get up every two hours at night to pee and I change sides alot so quality sleep hasn’t been happening.  I haven’t been feeling the best but hoping this passes soon.

Sammy is now 6 months!!!!  He is what I would refer to as having triplets, he cries like a child if he doesn’t get his way or scraps. He is over 50 pounds now so he has come a long way since that little 11 week old puppy we brought home.



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