We owe this all to God, I am still surprised the IUI worked and we are praying that this baby is healthy and we do not have a loss.

I had my first beta on Monday and it was 730 and I go back tomorrow for another and then again on Friday.  I pray these number keep rising, this baby is such a blessing and we are very excited.  I have told people about my infertility journey and they all knew when I would find out if I was pregnant I’m now wondering if I should have kept this all to myself in case of loss but I always told myself I would be open and if something did happen I know I would need everyone support to work through it.

I pick my sister up for a 48 hour pass on the 24th which is her birthday, she will be 17.  She has been with the state since she was 14 for burning down my mother’s house so this is the first time she has overnighted with family, my mother works retail so she won’t be able to see her and my father lives further away.  I’m hoping for a good visit.

Sammy is growing like crazy in the past month he has gained 10 pounds he is now 35 pounds! They predict he will be an 80 pound dog!

Kaylee’s 5th birthday is coming up in a few weeks so I need to clean my house for her party! I can’t believe she will be 5!  I always wanted her to be closer in age to a sibling after seeing the huge age gap in my sister and myself (10 years) but Gods timing is perfect and if you would told me over two years ago when we began trying for a sibling I would not have seen it that or when we were trying to have Kaylee how long would it take but when I look back I think about how perfect Gods timing really is.  I find myself trying to think about sharing my love with another child now and I get kind of weepy Kaylee is my one and only and that will always have such a special bond.


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