I’m guessing I’m pregnant!

It’s funny how I forgot how sick I felt when I was pregnant.  My husband is guessing it’s twins because of how sick I’ve gotten this time.  That 15mm follicle could have matured to size with the trigger but it only had less than 24 hours so maybe not, but I am getting nervous.  How will I carry two?  Twins are a high risk for a c-section which I am terrified. But I know this is all God’s plan not mine and he will see me through whatever may happen.  My husband refused to accept my positive until the blood draw this coming Monday but goodness between the darkening tests and how sick I’ve been there is no denying.  We can’t wait to hear the beta numbers on Monday 🙂

This still feels surreal after over two years of trying not one positive test we are very excited.  I had a little brown discharge yesterday but I’m hoping that was from implantation.

This is my pregnancy test shrine in my bathroom, yes I know I have a small problem, I take 2 a day.  My husband cleared out the $0.88 tests at walmart this week!!! I couldn’t get it to rotate follow from the bottom left to the top right!


Please keep praying for us and I will post Monday about the beta.


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