Pee Sticks are future plans

Of course I can’t control myself and want to test twice a day once in the morning and once at night, it keeps me calm.  My husband cannot stand this and refuses to believe anything until the beta draw on Monday he has even hidden my wondfo’s at one point but don’t worry I quickly got those back!

The first two sets are 11days past the Ovidrel Trigger Shot, The last set is from this morning, it looks like its getting more positive and I know synthetic trigger cannot get darker only light so it has given me hope!



My fertility doctor was booked solid so he called to speak with me on the phone and I talked about my concerns and we hashed everything out, he said for me to loose the 20 pounds and try IVF if this does not work since it has better odds and my insurance 100% covers it unlike IUI that is 100% out of my own pocket and a low tech treatment.  He was more than willing to more IUI’s but that was up to me.  I asked him to sweeten the deal as an incentive if you will to loose the weight – I know this sounds bad.  I asked if he would do gender selection and he didn’t say no but not yes either! I know he is against it, he even went on the news and spoke about how he was against it, but oh my a chance at a son!!!  Don’t worry I would have him pick best quality embryo but oh my what a thought!

Please keep praying for us I pray this worked and we will have a healthy baby.


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