2WW is the WORST!

The planner in me has to have a plan of action in case this IUI doesn’t work, which I don’t feel any different and what I do feel is just side effects from the progesterone suppositories.

So I began e-mailing the RE again asking for injectables because at 27 with good eggs and a clean inside I would have expected 2 or more mature eggs to come from this cycle not just the one.  The nurse says the doctor has changed my medicine around for the next one, 100mg Clomid days 3-7 and then one Gonal F 75 shot. THAT’S IT??!!  I do not pay $1600/cycle for this guesswork.  I e-mailed this response back:

Thank you for getting back to me, if the blood test is negative on 11/21 I will need to meet with Dr. Khan face to face and talk.  Being that this is costing me $1600 each cycle I want more than just one day of lose dose injection.  I also am willing to pay for an extra ultrasound to check on the follicle growth.  I also want to talk about the IUI itself, I would expect to see a more timed IUI where my husband has a two day hold placed inside me.  We’ve been trying for over two years and intercourse hasn’t worked for us so I would prefer a larger volume placed inside via IUI.

I am not handing over another $1600 until we come up with something better, if my insurance was paying for this I would totally be his guinea pig but this is not the case, this wouldn’t be so burdensome if we didn’t have daycare to pay for which is 1300/month!  Our clinic just released their 2015 statistics and they were super impressive with IVF I will have over a 50% shot at getting pregnant off a single embryo transfer! And my insurance 100% covers IVF!! My weight loss goal is becoming even clearer to me now I hope to be at weight by January 2017!!

I started testing at 7dpiui and I of course still have the hormone in me even now on day 9 I do but it was hard not to do it so I have myself taking one a day to put myself at ease. I’m hoping 12dpiui will give me a more clearer picture as the lines are getting pretty faint.


Sammy is now 16 weeks!! We took a small hike down to the river and he went right on in!


I also just finished knitting this deliciousness! The gap-tastic cowl!


Don’t forget it’s that time of year for Operation Christmas Child Operation Christmas Child. Please consider filling a box or two, it would mean everything for the child who receives it.  If only we could figure out how to fit the baby and soccer ball in ours!!!




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