IUI #1 in the Books!

I went in Friday CD 12 to measure how large my follicles were, I was really hoping my left ovary would produce one but she didn’t, she must still be angry about being torn open from the surgery!  My right had one good one at almost 21mm and I had another but I doubt that came to the party at 15mm.  My lining was 11m which they were happy with.  I was told to wait for a call after they had my blood results to see if I could trigger but it was looking like I could and I would have a Sunday morning IUI.  Well I told them to scan me sooner than CD 12 because I know my body ovulates every month on its own.  Well my LH was so high over 40 they told me to trigger and come in Saturday morning for the IUI or I would miss my window since my body was starting to ovulate on its own, surprise right.

I don’t understand IUI they had my husband and I BD that friday night and then come in Saturday morning for the IUI but that was not enough time to have a great sample, we had 9.9 million inserted in me which is good they said anything over 5 million is good but still I was thinking we would have at least a 2 day hold.

The IUI itself was painless but I did have some terrible cramping about 4 hours later and had to lay down for nap and take some Tylenol.  The trigger shot also didn’t hurt!! But when I seen that needle I was like hmm I don’t think I can do this but when you want something bad enough you make it happen!

My goal is to loose enough weight by January to do IVF,  since IVF has greater success and my insurance fully covers it that is my next goal. $1600 every month for an IUI isn’t in the cards for us but I may try 1 or 2 more while we wait. I pray this works we would love to have another child.

Please continue to pray for us and I will post back on 11/21 with my bloodwork results!  It’s going to be super hard not to test at home!


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